OpenCV for Unity  2.3.2
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OpenCVForUnity.Moments Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 Moments (double m00, double m10, double m01, double m20, double m11, double m02, double m30, double m21, double m12, double m03)
 Moments ()
 Moments (double[] vals)
void set (double[] vals)
override string ToString ()
double get_m00 ()
double get_m10 ()
double get_m01 ()
double get_m20 ()
double get_m11 ()
double get_m02 ()
double get_m30 ()
double get_m21 ()
double get_m12 ()
double get_m03 ()
double get_mu20 ()
double get_mu11 ()
double get_mu02 ()
double get_mu30 ()
double get_mu21 ()
double get_mu12 ()
double get_mu03 ()
double get_nu20 ()
double get_nu11 ()
double get_nu02 ()
double get_nu30 ()
double get_nu21 ()
double get_nu12 ()
double get_nu03 ()
void set_m00 (double m00)
void set_m10 (double m10)
void set_m01 (double m01)
void set_m20 (double m20)
void set_m11 (double m11)
void set_m02 (double m02)
void set_m30 (double m30)
void set_m21 (double m21)
void set_m12 (double m12)
void set_m03 (double m03)
void set_mu20 (double mu20)
void set_mu11 (double mu11)
void set_mu02 (double mu02)
void set_mu30 (double mu30)
void set_mu21 (double mu21)
void set_mu12 (double mu12)
void set_mu03 (double mu03)
void set_nu20 (double nu20)
void set_nu11 (double nu11)
void set_nu02 (double nu02)
void set_nu30 (double nu30)
void set_nu21 (double nu21)
void set_nu12 (double nu12)
void set_nu03 (double nu03)

Public Attributes

double m00
double m10
double m01
double m20
double m11
double m02
double m30
double m21
double m12
double m03
double mu20
double mu11
double mu02
double mu30
double mu21
double mu12
double mu03
double nu20
double nu11
double nu02
double nu30
double nu21
double nu12
double nu03

Protected Member Functions

void completeState ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OpenCVForUnity.Moments.Moments ( double  m00,
double  m10,
double  m01,
double  m20,
double  m11,
double  m02,
double  m30,
double  m21,
double  m12,
double  m03 
OpenCVForUnity.Moments.Moments ( )
OpenCVForUnity.Moments.Moments ( double[]  vals)

Member Function Documentation

void OpenCVForUnity.Moments.completeState ( )
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.get_m00 ( )
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.get_m01 ( )
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.get_m02 ( )
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.get_m03 ( )
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.get_m10 ( )
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.get_m11 ( )
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.get_m12 ( )
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.get_m20 ( )
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.get_m21 ( )
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.get_m30 ( )
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.get_mu02 ( )
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.get_mu03 ( )
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.get_mu11 ( )
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.get_mu12 ( )
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.get_mu20 ( )
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.get_mu21 ( )
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.get_mu30 ( )
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.get_nu02 ( )
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.get_nu03 ( )
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.get_nu11 ( )
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.get_nu12 ( )
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.get_nu20 ( )
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.get_nu21 ( )
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.get_nu30 ( )
void OpenCVForUnity.Moments.set ( double[]  vals)
void OpenCVForUnity.Moments.set_m00 ( double  m00)
void OpenCVForUnity.Moments.set_m01 ( double  m01)
void OpenCVForUnity.Moments.set_m02 ( double  m02)
void OpenCVForUnity.Moments.set_m03 ( double  m03)
void OpenCVForUnity.Moments.set_m10 ( double  m10)
void OpenCVForUnity.Moments.set_m11 ( double  m11)
void OpenCVForUnity.Moments.set_m12 ( double  m12)
void OpenCVForUnity.Moments.set_m20 ( double  m20)
void OpenCVForUnity.Moments.set_m21 ( double  m21)
void OpenCVForUnity.Moments.set_m30 ( double  m30)
void OpenCVForUnity.Moments.set_mu02 ( double  mu02)
void OpenCVForUnity.Moments.set_mu03 ( double  mu03)
void OpenCVForUnity.Moments.set_mu11 ( double  mu11)
void OpenCVForUnity.Moments.set_mu12 ( double  mu12)
void OpenCVForUnity.Moments.set_mu20 ( double  mu20)
void OpenCVForUnity.Moments.set_mu21 ( double  mu21)
void OpenCVForUnity.Moments.set_mu30 ( double  mu30)
void OpenCVForUnity.Moments.set_nu02 ( double  nu02)
void OpenCVForUnity.Moments.set_nu03 ( double  nu03)
void OpenCVForUnity.Moments.set_nu11 ( double  nu11)
void OpenCVForUnity.Moments.set_nu12 ( double  nu12)
void OpenCVForUnity.Moments.set_nu20 ( double  nu20)
void OpenCVForUnity.Moments.set_nu21 ( double  nu21)
void OpenCVForUnity.Moments.set_nu30 ( double  nu30)
override string OpenCVForUnity.Moments.ToString ( )

Member Data Documentation

double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.m00
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.m01
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.m02
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.m03
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.m10
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.m11
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.m12
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.m20
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.m21
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.m30
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.mu02
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.mu03
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.mu11
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.mu12
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.mu20
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.mu21
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.mu30
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.nu02
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.nu03
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.nu11
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.nu12
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.nu20
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.nu21
double OpenCVForUnity.Moments.nu30

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