OpenCV for Unity  2.3.2
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OpenCVForUnity.RotatedRect Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 RotatedRect ()
 RotatedRect (Point c, Size s, double a)
 RotatedRect (double[] vals)
void set (double[] vals)
void points (Point[] pt)
Rect boundingRect ()
RotatedRect clone ()
override int GetHashCode ()
override bool Equals (Object obj)
override string ToString ()

Public Attributes

Point center
Size size
double angle

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OpenCVForUnity.RotatedRect.RotatedRect ( )
OpenCVForUnity.RotatedRect.RotatedRect ( Point  c,
Size  s,
double  a 
OpenCVForUnity.RotatedRect.RotatedRect ( double[]  vals)

Member Function Documentation

Rect OpenCVForUnity.RotatedRect.boundingRect ( )
RotatedRect OpenCVForUnity.RotatedRect.clone ( )
override bool OpenCVForUnity.RotatedRect.Equals ( Object  obj)
override int OpenCVForUnity.RotatedRect.GetHashCode ( )
void OpenCVForUnity.RotatedRect.points ( Point[]  pt)
void OpenCVForUnity.RotatedRect.set ( double[]  vals)
override string OpenCVForUnity.RotatedRect.ToString ( )

Member Data Documentation

double OpenCVForUnity.RotatedRect.angle
Size OpenCVForUnity.RotatedRect.size

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