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OpenCVForUnity.ArucoModule.EstimateParameters Class Reference

Pose estimation parameters. More...

Inheritance diagram for OpenCVForUnity.ArucoModule.EstimateParameters:
OpenCVForUnity.DisposableOpenCVObject OpenCVForUnity.DisposableObject

Public Member Functions

IntPtr getNativeObjAddr ()
 EstimateParameters ()
bool get_useExtrinsicGuess ()
void set_useExtrinsicGuess (bool useExtrinsicGuess)
int get_solvePnPMethod ()
void set_solvePnPMethod (int solvePnPMethod)
- Public Member Functions inherited from OpenCVForUnity.DisposableObject
void Dispose ()
void ThrowIfDisposed ()

Static Public Member Functions

static EstimateParameters __fromPtr__ (IntPtr addr)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from OpenCVForUnity.DisposableObject
static IntPtr ThrowIfNullIntPtr (IntPtr ptr)

Protected Member Functions

override void Dispose (bool disposing)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from OpenCVForUnity.DisposableOpenCVObject
 DisposableOpenCVObject ()
 DisposableOpenCVObject (IntPtr ptr)
 DisposableOpenCVObject (bool isEnabledDispose)
 DisposableOpenCVObject (IntPtr ptr, bool isEnabledDispose)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from OpenCVForUnity.DisposableObject
 DisposableObject ()
 DisposableObject (bool isEnabledDispose)

Additional Inherited Members

- Properties inherited from OpenCVForUnity.DisposableObject
bool IsDisposed [get, protected set]
bool IsEnabledDispose [get, set]

Detailed Description

Pose estimation parameters.

pattern Defines center this system and axes direction (default PatternPositionType::ARUCO_CCW_CENTER). useExtrinsicGuess Parameter used for SOLVEPNP_ITERATIVE. If true (1), the function uses the provided rvec and tvec values as initial approximations of the rotation and translation vectors, respectively, and further optimizes them (default false). solvePnPMethod Method for solving a PnP problem: see calib3d_solvePnP_flags (default SOLVEPNP_ITERATIVE).

See also
PatternPositionType, solvePnP(), check tutorial_aruco_detection in aruco contrib

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ EstimateParameters()

OpenCVForUnity.ArucoModule.EstimateParameters.EstimateParameters ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ __fromPtr__()

static EstimateParameters OpenCVForUnity.ArucoModule.EstimateParameters.__fromPtr__ ( IntPtr  addr)

◆ Dispose()

override void OpenCVForUnity.ArucoModule.EstimateParameters.Dispose ( bool  disposing)

◆ get_solvePnPMethod()

int OpenCVForUnity.ArucoModule.EstimateParameters.get_solvePnPMethod ( )

◆ get_useExtrinsicGuess()

bool OpenCVForUnity.ArucoModule.EstimateParameters.get_useExtrinsicGuess ( )

◆ getNativeObjAddr()

IntPtr OpenCVForUnity.ArucoModule.EstimateParameters.getNativeObjAddr ( )

◆ set_solvePnPMethod()

void OpenCVForUnity.ArucoModule.EstimateParameters.set_solvePnPMethod ( int  solvePnPMethod)

◆ set_useExtrinsicGuess()

void OpenCVForUnity.ArucoModule.EstimateParameters.set_useExtrinsicGuess ( bool  useExtrinsicGuess)

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