OpenCV for Unity  2.6.0
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OpenCVForUnity.Structured_lightModule Namespace Reference


class  GrayCodePattern
 Class implementing the Gray-code pattern, based on [UNDERWORLD]. More...
class  SinusoidalPattern
 Class implementing Fourier transform profilometry (FTP) , phase-shifting profilometry (PSP) and Fourier-assisted phase-shifting profilometry (FAPS) based on [faps]. More...
class  SinusoidalPattern_Params
 Parameters of SinusoidalPattern constructor width Projector's width. height Projector's height. nbrOfPeriods Number of period along the patterns direction. shiftValue Phase shift between two consecutive patterns. methodId Allow to choose between FTP, PSP and FAPS. nbrOfPixelsBetweenMarkers Number of pixels between two consecutive markers on the same row. setMarkers Allow to set markers on the patterns. markersLocation vector used to store markers location on the patterns. More...
class  Structured_light
class  StructuredLightPattern
 Abstract base class for generating and decoding structured light patterns. More...